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SocketKB knowledge base and article management system
Reduce time, reduce cost

Reduce the time you spent on support. By reducing the time, you can focus on other activities. By automating your support, your customer will find it easier to get the necessary information round the clock. All these translated into savings, thus reducing your operation cost.

Price: $115 $69 (Limited Time Offer)
Support: E-mail and Forum
Delivery: Download Link

Deploy your own professional knowledge base or knowledge repository. Provide your customers the answers to their questions with SocketKB. Increase customer satisfaction and confidence. Easy and fast to install. Buy now, get 40% saving (i.e. $46)!

Try Demo :: Buy Now! (save $46)

Why SocketKB?

  • Flexible and Dynamic : SocketKB knowledge base and article system is very flexible and dynamic. You can define access restriction to specific categories or the whole knowledge base site. Different type of roles to access the admin (back-end) management console. Even the interface of the knowledge base can be switch to standard mode or the cool-blue style (test drive).

  • Fast!!! : SocketKB knowledge base system has been tested to handle over 1300 categories with no hiccups and without compromise the speed. The software been design to deliver fast access and fast information retrieval.

  • Save Resources : With SocketKB knowledge base system installed on your site, you don't need as many people to handle customer support as your customer can gain access to the neccessary information easily and fast.

  • Save Time : Save lots of time responding to your customers. The best part is that the answer you gave can also be save as part of the knowledge base. Articles managed by SocketKB are easily accessed to provide fast information retrieval.

  • Save Money : Time is money, reduce the time, reduce the personnel, you save cost to your business.

  • Professional : By using SocketKB knowledge base system, you show that you are serious in providing support to your customers. This will create professional image and the caring and sensitive you are towards your customers. Even if you're a small company, your level of support can be the deciding factor in who your visitor makes a purchase from. Your services and information repository will be greatly enhanced with SocketKB, the PHP knowledgebase scripts.

    Reduce cost and support time with SocketKB. Click here to purchase.

    Licensing Information

    We don't restrict the usage of the software to the number of administrators or back-end users of SocketKB software. SocketKB licensing is based on per installation instance.

    Each license is for one (1) installation instance only. Unlimited administrators or back-end users of SocketKB are permitted and can be created via SocketKB.

    Click here for further licensing information

    Key Features :
  • Developed in PHP
  • Use MySQL database
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Unlimited administrators or editors and authors allowed
  • Multi level of back-end users : Root, Editor or Author
  • Allow attachments to be added to the article
  • Allow 'icon' images to be tagged to the categories and articles
  • Option to allow only registered members to access the knowledge base
  • Category based access control (members only)
  • Define unlimited user groups
  • Powerful HTML editor
    More features...

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